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Edward & Elizabeth (Naisbett) Allason

Edward Allason 

Edward Allason had an illegitimate son born to Alice Milestone in 1839, but Alice died in October 1841. Baby John was brought up by his mother's two maiden sisters Ann and Elizabeth Milestone. 

After the deaths of 5 siblings and their parents between 1828 and 1836, Edward Allason and his brother Aaron left Liverpool, England on the barque "George", arriving in Hobart Town, Tasmania on 7 November 1842.

Edward & Elizabeth (Naisbett/Aisbett) Allason

Edward Allason (18 May 1819 - 25 November 1888) married Elizabeth Davidson nee Aisbett/Naisbett/Aisbitt (2 May 1811 - 15 October 1871) on 16 January 1843 in her home at Elboden Place, Hobart, according to the Rites & Ceremonies of the Church of Scotland.  It was a short romance.

Elizabeth Davidson nee Naisbett (1811-1871) married Edward Allason on 16 January 1843 at her home in Elboden Place, South Hobart.

The stone cottage built by William Davidson at 3 Elboden Place, South Hobart in about 1834. Elizabeth and Edward Allason were married there and continued to live at that address until 1861.

Formal Dining Room in William & Elizabeth Davidson's cottage at 3 Elboden Place, South Hobart in 2005. Note ink sketch of William on the wall 170 years later. Original shutters and a no electricity room.

Elizabeth Davidson inherited the large house and spacious grounds on the corner of Davey Street and Elboden Place, South Hobart when her husband William Davidson died in 1837 at the age of 33 years.  Elizabeth Naisbett married William Davidson on 1 September 1829 in St David's Church, Hobart.
Refer to for more information about William Davidson and Elizabeth Naisbett.

Together they had 4 children:
Elizabeth Rachel (Bessie) Davidson 2 August 1830 - 14 November 1899.  Elizabeth married Richard Propsting (1819 - 1899) on 23 January 1849 at 3 Elboden Place, South Hobart (her mother's home). They had 10 children.
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William Edward Davidson born 10 October 1832. Named William after his father and Edward after his maternal grandfather. William was a School Teacher and died on 10 March 1852 at 19 years in Launceston.

Richard Davidson born 26 July 1834. Richard was a Storekeeper and died 14 months after his marriage to Janet McIntyre and 6 months after the birth of his son Archibald William Davidson. Richard died on 25 June 1859 at the age of 25 years.
Thomas Rowland Davidson 9 May 1836 - 29 March 1888. Thomas was only 14 months old when his father died.
A mystery child was born in 1840 named Charles Davidson.  William Davidson had died 3 years earlier in 1837.  Charles died from "water on the brain" on 5 August 1845, recorded as the "stepson of Mr. Edward Allason, Tailor".

Elizabeth's first husband, William Davidson was born in 1804 in Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, England and died 9 July 1837 in Hobart, Australia at 33 years. William was appointed the First Superindendant of the Hobart Botanical Gardens in 1828 and had a colourful career there. He built the stone cottage that still stands at 3 Elboden Place, South Hobart.
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The Cottage built for William Davidson in 1828.  The sun dial depicting William and his family.

William Davidson's signature 18 February 1833 etched in the window of the Cottage at Royal Botanical Gardens, Hobart (now Administration).

Joy Olney visited William Davidson's plaque in St David's Park, Hobart, Tasmania.

Edward and Elizabeth Allason together had 6 children:
Edward John Allason born 5 November 1843 in Davey St,  Hobart Town and died of a Liver complaint on 22 April 1854 at 10 years in Hobart.
Susannah (Susie) Allason born 6 November 1845 in Davey St, Hobart and died 11 March 1927 in 38 Melville Street, Hobart. Susannah married Charles Duncan Haywood (18 September 1842 - 10 July 1920) on 8 October 1868 at Edward Allason's home in Liverpool Street, Hobart. (Refer to another Post about this family).
Robert Allason born 5 April 1848 in Davey Street, Hobart Town and died 6 November 1903 in 169 Upper Goulburn St, Hobart. Robert married Eliza Pheannah McLean on 4 May 1875 in "Paris House", DeWitt Street, Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania. Robert suicided at home, 169 Upper Goulburn Street, Hobart, aged 55, on 6 November 1903 from the effects of a wound to the throat, self inflicted whilst labouring under a fit of temporary insanity.  He is buried in a private grave in the Church of England section of the Sandy Bay Cemetery.
Sarah Ann Allason born 17 August 1850 in "Elboden House", Davey Street, Hobart and died 21 August 1941 in 14 Swan Street, New Town, Hobart. Sarah married William Arthur Macdougall
(15 April 1849 - 2 July 1930) on 15 April 1876 in Chalmers Free Presbyterian Church, Hobart, Tasmania. (Refer to another Post about this family).
Eliza Allason born 23 August 1852 in Davey Street, Hobart Town and died from Chronic Rheumatism at 14 years on 15 December 1866 when the family were living at 72 Warwick Street, Hobart.
Edwin Allason born 21 February 1855 in Davey Street, Hobart Town. Edwin married Margaret Newton on 26 November 1891.

The bones of Edward John Allason (died 22 April 1854) and his sister Eliza Allason (died 15 December 1866) were removed from the Congregational Cemetery in Upper Davey Street on Huon Road in 1927 and placed in Cornelian Bay Cemetery (Independent Section G14A).

9 September 1881 "The Mercury" Shipping.  We have the pleasure to record the success of a Tasmanian sailor.  By the mail yeaterday we learned that the command of the "SS Ashington", a vessel of 2000 tons, and of 280 horse power, trading between Hong Kong and Newcastle (England) had been given to Captain Edwin Allason, son of Mr Edward Allason, late of Hobart.  Mr Allason served his apprenticeship on vessels owned by the late firm of Messrs. Belbin & Dowdell, of the port.  He studied navigation under the late Mr P Canaway, and received his Master's certificate in England last year.

1881 Census Edwin Allason was visiting Durham and living with Mather E.Newton.  At that time Edwin was 26 and Margaret was 11.  26 November 1891 Edwin Allason & Maggie Newton married.

Edwin Allason aged 18 in June 1873
Edwin Allason passed an examination on 19 April 1876 to become a Sailor.

Eliza Allason died 15 December at 14 from Consumption (TB).
The Allason home at 72 Warwick Street, Hobart where Eliza Allason died on 15 December 1866 Heritage listed (photo taken 2006).

"The Mercury" Hobart Monday Morning December 17 1866.
DEATHS - ALLASON.  On Saturday 15th Inst. at No 72 Warwick Street, after a long and painful illness, Eliza, the youngest daughter of Mr.Edward Allason, aged 14 years.  The funeral will take place on Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock, when friends are respectfully invited to attend. 

Robert Allason 1848 -1903

"The Mercury" Hobart Friday Morning May 11 1900. 
MARRIAGES - ALLASON - McLEAN.  On May 4 1875, at the residence of the bride's parents "Paris House" De-Witt Street, Battery Point, by Rev Joseph White, assisted by Rev J.Cowperthwaite, Robert, eldest son of Edward Allason, to Eliza Pheannah, eldest daughter of R.A.McLean, both of this city (Silver Wedding).

Sisters Sarah Macdougall and Susannah Haywood

More about Elizabeth Naisbett

Elizabeth Allason (nee Naisbett) born 2 May 1811 and died 15 October 1871

Elizabeth Nesbett was listed as a cabin passenger on the "Triton" from Leith, Scotland which arrived in Hobart on 9 June 1829. She came in the care of friends Richard and Hannah Pybus for her marriage to William Davidson, the newly appointed Superintendant of the Hobart Botanical Gardens. Richard and Hannah Pybus were witnesses at the marriage of Elizabeth and William Davidson on 1 September 1829. 

Marriage Certificate of William Davidson and Elizabeth Aisbitt - 1 September 1829 (Note the spelling - Aisbitt).

St David's Cathedral, Hobart where William and Elizabeth Davidson were married on 1 September 1829.

Interior of St David's Cathedral, Hobart

There are many variations of spelling - Aisbitt, Aisbett, Nesbett, Naisbett which has made research very difficult as Newcastle is on the border of the two counties of Northumberland & Durham. With other supporting information I am confident the information in this Post is correct. Note the spelling on the marriage certificate for Elizabeth and William is Aisbitt.

Elizabeth died on 15 October 1871 at the age of 61 from Carcinomi Asthenia - debility from cancer.

"The Mercury", Hobart Town, Monday Morning October 16 1871 reads:
Deaths - ALLASON - On 15th October 1871, at her late residence, 200 Upper Liverpool Street, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Edward Allason, in the 61st year of her age.  The funeral will move from her late residence on Tuesday afternoon, the 17th instant at half past 2 o'clock, when friends are respectively invited to attend.   Hobart Town District MUIOOF.

The Officers and Brethren of the Lodges in the above district are respectfully invited to follow the remains of the late wife of P.G.Allason of the Loyal Tasmania's Hope Lodge, to move from his residence, corner Molle and Liverpool streets on Tuesday 17th October, at half past 2pm.
A.T.Smallhorn Pro C.Sec.

Edward Allason's 2nd marriage.

After Elizabeth's death on 15 October 1871, Edward married a widow Ann Elizabeth Wilson (1819 - 11 February 1877) on 17 June 1872 at 28 Brisbane Street, Hobart where she died 5 years later.

"The Mercury" Hobart Town Friday Morning June 21st 1872 reads:
Marriage - ALLASON - WILSON.  On the 17th June 1872 at the residence of the bridegroom, 28 Brisbane St, by the Rev J.W.Simmons, Edward Allason to Ann Elizabeth Wilson, both of this city.

"The Mercury" Hobart 19th February 1877 reads:
Deaths - ALLASON - On 11th February, at her late residence, 28 Brisbane St, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Edward Allason, in the 58th year of her age.

Edward Allason's death

Edward Allason died at his daughter Sarah Ann Macdougall's home in 86 George Street, Launceston, Tasmania on 25 November 1888 from Senility at the age of 69 years and was buried with his first wife Elizabeth at the Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Hobart.

"The Mercury" Hobart Town Saturday 8 December 1888 reads:
Deaths - ALLASON - On November 25, at the residence of his son-in-law W.A.Macdougall, Launceston, Edward Allason, eldest son of the late Rev John Allason, Richmond, Yorkshire, England in in his 70th year.

86 George Street, Launceston  where Edward Allason died on 25 November 1888. Photo taken in 2005.

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